My New Adventure in Print on Demand Fabric and Clothing

I have been exploring the world of print on demand (POD) and now have an online shop at The Art of Where website. 

This has been so much fun. I will come home from my day job and sit down at the computer while I'm listening to the news. Creating a new design or collection is therapy and offers a deep sense of creative empowerment. I take luminous flower photos that lend themselves to design possibilities. For instance, the fabric design Pear Blossom Baroque 1901 at the top of this blog is based on a photo taken in spring 2016, when a golden setting sun lit up a pear tree in full bloom. Placing the original photo in the magic mirror application for fabric design brought forth a stunning new image that can become fabric to sew into a new dress, a set of placemats, or other fabric delight.


I started my POD journey by creating fabric. As I learned more sophisticated software techniques, I began to build a store with many collections, and they include dresses, kimonos, leggings, tops, tote bags, journals, cards, and so much more. 

I created the Mystery Pink Peony 5298 dress on a Saturday morning, posted it on Facebook, and my gorgeous and talented singer/songwriter friend, Austin Tyler Meade, bought it that afternoon. It took a couple of weeks to get from Montreal (where the Art of Where delights are made) to her. And here is Austin modeling the dress she bought.


I can't tell you how exciting it is to see someone wearing one of my designs. A digital dream becomes physical reality!

Here is the link to my newest collection: Magic Mirror Pear Blossom 7538

Magic Mirror Pear Blossom 7538 Collection.jpeg

And here is one of the peignoir designs in this collection. You can also find leggings, dresses, notebooks, tote bags, and much more. 

One last cool fun thing: when you follow the Art of Where links to the dress or the peignoir, you'll discover a 3D digital version that can be looked at from every angle. I call it digital Barb(ie) dolls. 

I'll be posting more soon. It's nice to be back to blogging after a long hiatus. New things for a new year. 

Ducklings and Designing for the Fun of It


A photograph is a liminal apace, neither real nor imaginary, a middle region where the soul comes to life. To the literal mind, a photograph may look like a record of the past, but to the poetic mind it is an uncanny presencing of self and world that is pure, deep, and revealing.
— Thomas Moore

I'm working on a new creative project that involves print on demand fabrics and clothing. I will be posting more soon, but I'm in a creative fog exploring graphic options with my current software. I took some photos of mama duck and her babies at Centennial Park a couple of years ago. Now I have turned one into a digital painting that might even become wallpaper or fabric. What fun!

And here is one variation of what wallpaper or fabric might look like. 

Fabric or wallpaper style A

and another variation. 

Fabric or wallpaper style B

I have also been playing with florals. I will take a photo, edit it, and then end up with something that would work for fabric, or might look lovely on a dress. It's all exploration of the world of print on demand. 

Painted Tulips 

This can turn into fun fabric designs:

Or maybe a rose can become a dress design. It feels like anything can happened when I make magic with images. 

Painted Rose

The body is a vehicle through which I beccome an aesthetic expression of the self.
— Tu Wei-Ming

Here is a link to my Art of Where store. I have uploaded a few designs that are for sale.

I am in a preliminary learning stage, so please be patient. More to come later...   



Cultivate a Sense of Awe and Wonder

Splendor in the grass: hay seed high against a blue sky

For lack of attention, a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day.
— Evelyn Underhill

Life is rich and beautiful, full of wonders. But you have to develop the eyes to see them, and attune your soul to works of God that surround you. Becoming aware is a process of waking up and learning to notice the details that you usually miss.

It is so easy to become caught up in the mundane aspects of life. You get up, go to work, come home to routine chores, watch TV or read the paper, go to bed, and then do it all again the next day. But life is not just a round of chores and work. It’s a vast and amazing mystery.

The night sky is full of starry wonder. Take the time to look up. A kiss from your beloved, a rose blooming in the sun, a squirrel’s antics—any of these can remind you of the mystery and greatness of creation.

Be aware of tiny details. What do you see when you wake up? What do you hear, smell, sense? Pay attention to what is happing around you. Look at a loved one’s face as if you are seeing him or her for the first time. Extend your awareness to the Divine Presence that resides in your heart.

Lift your spirits by cultivating awareness and appreciation of the world around you—and within you. When you see a beautiful sunset, clap your hands with appreciation. When you hold a newborn baby, croon your praises to the creator of all life. Let awe and wonder fill your heart, reminding you that you stand on the threshold of infinite possibilities.  

• Activity: Write a poem, sing a song of praise, or create a piece of art to express your appreciation and thankfulness for the Divine Mystery of life itself.

Affirmation: I affirm the beauty and wonder of life, and see in its infinite possibilities my own possibilities for growth and grace.    

Happy New Year

The Rowdy Santas are back to wish you a Happy New Year!

The Rowdy Santas are back to wish you a Happy New Year!

By consistently choosing love rather than fear, we can experience a personal transformation that enables us to be more naturally loving to ourselves and others. In this way we can begin to recognize and experience the love and joy that unites us
— Dr. Jerry Jampolsky

We have the choice. We can choose to live in fear or we can choose to live in love. We can choose to believe the best — of ourselves, of others, of life. Fear is a choice to believe the worst. To believe for the best is to choose to believe that there is a Higher Power who responds to our positive attitudes and actions. This is not to discount the pain, sorrow, and disappointment that come with life. But we can choose to move beyond a limiting and fearful view of how life works and learn to practice the kind of optimism that opens the doors of opportunity, change, and blessing.

Optimism is a choice that changes your trajectory. I have found that if you fear the worst, you create what you expect. You make choices out of fear and limit your options. But what would happen if you made choices on the assumption that things would work out? What would life be like if you decided that God was truly interested in helping you, and that difficult people and situations were heaven-sent lessons that could lead to greater personal growth and a better life? Would you like to have the kind of faith that chooses love over fear?

I have found that practical optimism helps grease the wheels of life, releasing energy for growth and change. I have wasted too much energy on fearing what could happen (which never did happen). When really tough things have come along in my life — the things I most dreaded — I discovered that I was cared for and led along step by step. Even when I was facing the death of a loved one, I found that the great loss was tempered by hope, faith, and the love of others who shared my loss. Most of the imagined fears that once drained my energy now seem small and meaningless in light of the larger issues of life. So now I have become more daring, willing to take risks and gamble that love will win over fear every time.

The next time you hear some crazed politician stir up irrational fears or demonize others, stop and think. Is this the attitude and energy you want to bring to your life? Do you want to be manipulated through your fears and anger? Or do you want to be empowered, loving your life and loving others, believing the best instead of the worst. Let 2016 be the year you choose to cultivate your highest vision and live your deepest truth.  

When you look at the world in a narrow way, how narrow it seems!
When you look at it in a mean way, how mean it is!
When you look at it selfishly, how selfish it is!
But when you look at it in a broad, generous, friendly spirit, what wonderful people you find in it.
— Horace Rutledge